The mission of DEAFestival is to unite the deaf community once a year at an event that will:
  1. Promote high self esteem and confidence among deaf children
  2. Provide information on the available services for deaf individuals and their families
  3. Educate the general public on the value and presence of the deaf community
  4. Enhance the profile and creative contribution of deaf artists to the contemporary cultural landscape.

DEAFestival is a free, daylong family event that offers hope and guidance while raising self esteem among our Deaf youth. We also strive to educate the general public on how a Deaf individual can thrive in a hearing world. The Deaf artists performing at DEAFestival aide in promoting public awareness and serve as role models for our Deaf children by demonstrating firsthand how it's possible to be a Deaf professional who embraces their culture and flourishes in a diverse setting like Los Angeles.

An event where you can gather the information you need to expand and enhance your capabilities, see demonstrations of the market’s new and existing products, and most importantly improve the quality of life for the deaf community. It is not only an event for the deaf and hard of hearing, if you are a family member, senior, an educational professional, you will find helpful products and information you can afford to miss.

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